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With two (2) clicks, trigger an emergency to notify your emergency contacts of your distress and exact location.

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Let us guide your contact to you, without the stress of descriptions and landmarks


We help you rest easy as you track your resources in real time with accurate precision.

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Browse our dedicated emergency response store for vendors whose business is resolving your emergencies

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Responding to Emergencies

You would get a disruptive sounding notification to your phone.

Every distress broadcast contains information about the specific emergency, such as; the name, location, distance, route (all mapped out) and approximate time to the contact in distress.

You may choose to accept or decline a distress broadcast. Where you accept one, you may choose whether or not to allow the contact track you as you come to his/her aid.

Upon accepting the distress broadcast, you can see the real time location of the user.

Inform your emergency contacts when your emergency has been resolved.

  • Go to home page
  • Click emergency group
  • Click resolved
  • All done

Checkout Our Store

Our store is built around three cornerstones

  • Proximity: how close is the vendor to our users?
  • Availability:Is the vendor open at the time?
  • Reviews: How highly has the vendor been reviewed by users?
Store Page

Our store displays vendor information and puts them just a dial away from responding to you.

Store Categories

Our store displays vendor information and puts them just a dial away from responding to you.

Store Details

You can see all vendor information, access their websites and even find a map that leads you to them

Store Review & Rating

We like happy customers, and so we encourage you to review our vendors... lets keep them on their toes

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